Reasons why sex is better in hotels

The dopamine rush

Sleeping in a hotel is an essential part of a luxurious vacation. Some motels and hostels also provide a comfortable place to rest. But, hotels and other similar types of accommodation offer us more than just a bed when we want to have sex. 


Survey says

According to a 2018 survey conducted by Hotel Tonight, the results show that nearly half of their respondents firmly believe that having sex is better in a hotel. The reasons, according to this study, include the “newness factor”, as not staying in the bedroom of their home makes their time out for sex dating more exciting for the couples.

More than sleep

At times, to sleep without being disturbed might be a luxury in itself. You want to get away from home and all the obligations that you have. You need a break and perhaps, plan to go sex dating for stress-relief. Depending on the hotel, the lifestyle of Paris Hilton may be yours for a day or maybe more.

Have a hideaway

When we escape from the stressors of daily life, we would like to hideaway. Perhaps, the dream vacation would be in a log cabin on a mountain top so that there will be no disturbance. A hotel room is also a relaxing hideaway and can be the place to use to get away from it all.

An anxiety cure

A hotel room and other similar accommodations aid in allowing a person to take a break from the stressors, and provides an anxiety cure. Stress and anxiety, like depression, will surely dampen the sex drive. If you are all hyped up and wired, the last thing on your mind might be to have sex. You need to Netflix and chill, once in a while.

That rush

There is this chemical called dopamine which works to mediate pleasure in our brain organ. Dopamine is released when we have a wonderful experience, such as eating delicious food and great sex. That extra dopamine rush works to increase the libido, as the desire to have a pleasurable experience is there.

Avoid getting caught

When you have illicit sex, it is better to do so in a hotel. To choose a place that is secure is a wise decision. You don’t want to be caught cheating. There is protection from hotel security that can help prevent a jealous partner from knocking on your door.

For no-strings-attached dates

If you are into sex dating, it is better not to invite your hookup to your home. For no-strings-attached relationships, the less the other person knows about your personal matters, the better. Choosing to go to bed with your sex date in a hotel room is a smart decision, as it helps you keep your privacy.

The luxury

When you find someone to go to bed using one of the apps for adult dating, you can book a hotel room online so the meeting place will be ready. You’ll have all that you need such as a clean linen bed, a bathroom, and room service. Both of you will get that extra dopamine rush. We all seek pleasure, and a hotel can provide us with a luxurious room to indulge in sex.